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About Us

Lampin': [verb] slang- to kick it, chill, post, or simply sac out at any particular place. Ex: (from Kanye West's Get 'Em High'): "At NYU but she hail from Kansas, right now she just lampin', chillin' on campus."

The Lampin' blog was created by two former California Lutheran University baseball players with a love for early 2000's hip-hop, good movies, and sports. We here at the Lampin' blog bring you our fresh take on everything from Kanye West albums to Martin Scorsese movies. 

The Founders

Büsh lampin'

Originally from Southern California's San Fernando Valley, Büsh is passionate about hip hop, classic rock, Tarantino and Scorsese movies, the Lakers, and the Yankees. 

After his baseball playing career was derailed by an elbow injury (and inability to hit the inside pitch), Büsh turned to his other passion-writing. 


He has written for the Ventura County Star, covering high school and college football as well as, covering everything from video game reviews to freestyler playlists. 

Nev lampin'

Growing up in the Bay Area and spending formative years in the Greater Los Angeles area, Nev assembled a vigorous set of criteria for music, cinema, and people, but with a heavy dose of guilty pleasures on all three fronts. His love for sports has slowly dwindled, yet refuses to stop following them for fear of being labeled a nerd.


As far as formal writing goes, Tyler was his class's representative in the 5th and 7th grade speech contest, both of which he was robbed of winning.

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